About Us

Cheadle Laser Clinic is run by experienced aesthetic practitioners who have extensive professional knowledge and vast experience in Laser treatment & therapy.

Our practitioners have a strong accredited medical expertise and we give our clients complete satisfaction & care so rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Unlike many other clinics who are inexperienced, as they are a new businesses. They often need to build up their experience after initial basic training, hence are able to offer lower prices and deals in order to attract customers. It is a great risk to be treated by inexperienced practitioners, which usually ends up with various non reversible, unpleasant results and many after effects.

WE make sure that we understand your skin type and only offer you the treatments which are suitable and tailored for your skin.

WE believe in delivering a professional and personable service with optimum results.

WE also believe that client confidentiality is very important and we always maintain this professional relationship and mutual trust. We will endeavor to only book one client at a time. This would maintain your confidentiality and privacy.

We highly respect your feedback and would appreciate your suggestions.

WE also offer a private prescription service if needed.