HIFU Skin Treatment

What is HIFU?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) also known as ‘Ultherapy’ has become one of the most sought after lifting treatments for face, neck, stretchmarks, arms, abdomen and thighs. This procedure restores the elasticity of the skin, and softens the fine lines.

Facial applications of HIFU include a dull jaw line, drooping skin around the mouth, sagging eyelids, wrinkles, large pores & fine lines.

"Hifu is a one-off treatment which will help you achieve tighter, firmer, lifted skin"

Skin Tightening HIFU treatment is a revolutionary treatment that tightens and lifts the skin with ultrasound waves. It rejuvenates the skin from within.

Do you want to improve the appearance of saggy skin around your face, jowl, neck?
Do you feel uncomfortable / embarrassing because of your saggy arms & tummy?
Do you want to tighten / reduce your tummy?
Do you want to reshape / contour / reduce your thighs?

Then a Skin Tightening HIFU treatment is ideal for you.

Difference between HIFU & other technologies/treatments:
Laser, IPL, RF (radio frequency) and HIFU are different technology to rejuvenate the skin. Laser, IPL and RF (radio frequency) address the more superficial layers of the skin whereas only HIFU reaches the deeper skin layer that lift and support the skin. The main difference is the depth of reach.

The key advantages of this treatment are:

  • Stimulates natural collagen production
  • No cuts to the skin
  • No recovery time
  • Noticeable results
  • Once per year treatment

Are you a candidate for HIFU Skin Tightening?
HIFU can tighten and treat sagging cheeks, double chins and aging skin changes around the eyes for any age group.
It is a good option if :

  • You have mild to moderate loose skin on your face, necks, and around your eyes
  • Your skin is loose after an operation
  • You want to improve the overall texture and appearance of your skin
  • You are unable (or unwilling) to undergo a more invasive, surgical procedure to correct skin laxity.
  • You are not seeing any results even you doing exercise.

What happens during the procedure?
The treatment only takes 1-2 hours and you will be given professional and high-quality treatment all throughout. Your face will be cleansed before the ultrasound gel is applied and we will adjust HIFU settings according to the area and your skin and begins treatment. One session of HIFU will deliver visible effects in lifting and tightening. It will also enhance the production of new collagen which will help your skin maintain its youthful glow. As this procedure uses high intensity acoustic energy that produces heat for skin lifting. The healing process is completely natural and tighten the lose skin on the neck, face, under the chin, stomach, & stretch marks. It penetrates deeper depths at high temperatures and treats the foundation layers of the skin, these are the layers where the skin starts to weaken and become loose. Cellular friction and coherent heating are the main principles behind this therapy.


Is it Painful?
During the treatment you will feel warm to hot pulses of ultrasound energy deep in your skin. This causes skin layers to contract. Patients describe this as slightly uncomfortable or mildly stinging.

While the new HIFU machine is more comfortable than its first generation machines, the level of discomfort depends on your personal pain tolerance and the area being treated. CLC will always try to make every treatment as comfortable as possible, and can recommend a painkiller or provide anesthesia if needed.

When will you see the results?
Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look tighter and firmer. However ideal results come 60 to 100 days after treatment when the collagen regeneration becomes noticeablewhereby the skin will look fresher & rejuvenated.

How many sessions will you need?
One to two treatments per year, depending on your age and the severity of skin sagging. The second treatment is usually scheduled 3 to 6 months later. Results usually last about a year or two and you may decide to have a further treatment when the results start to wear off. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, this process stimulates tissue healing, lifting and tightening.

*Results may vary from person to person